Sala da tè a Senigallia - Finis Africae Resort

Meri Maat


“Loved by Maat”. We have dedicated our new breakfast room to the goddess Maat. Maat is the goddess of justice who with the scale controls the good balance between the heart and the good energy that must circulate in it. With the supply of food, the Egyptians offered this good energy to the gods.

The breakfast

And the food we offer in the morning buffet is prepared with our natural ingredients, our fruits and our aromas that are expertly processed by our chef. In the warm season, the space of the room expands, opening towards the panoramic terraces, where it is possible to have breakfast looking at our hills.

High tea time

From autumn, the Meri Maat room offers the possibility of enjoying late afternoon tea time. The wide selection of the cafeteria is accompanied by a selection of homemade sweet and savory baked goods with natural and selected ingredients from the vegetable garden and orchard within the structure.
And if the tea is not enough to finish the afternoon in the best way, our delicacies will be accompanied by a glass of good label for a sparkling aperitif.