Resort con Ristorante e Piscina a Senigallia - Finis Africae

Finis Africæ: the border of africa, in ancient timesintended as a demarcation line between the world known and the one still unknown. It’s an ideal place where the “knowing” is concealed  as something to penetrate and conquer. An inner space, where to explore inside and outside oneself and a physical place from where overlook wonders of the world. 

This is our philosophy!


The first wonder that will be granted to your eyes will be that of the variegated panorama of the marche region. everything can be explored:
soft hills, fantastic caves, velvet beaches, underground cities, ancient roman colonies, medieval roccheforts and castles, art works of renaissance art.
A territory rich with charm, history, art and culture.

This is our land!

And then, here we are!  with our services.
Large parking, swimming pool, gym, tennis, yoga, ethnic furniture and our spacious rooms of different types:
Space, Sky, Fire, Air, Earth, Wood, Water

This is our hotel!

The body since ancient times
regains its balance thanks to power
regenerating water

Our pool and holistic center


The spirit regenerates in the encounter with water
the body is reconciled with the pleasures of good food
raw material of our well-being

Our cousine


Finis Africae where every detail is a symbol
and every architecture is meaning
in its suggestive spaces
any event become magical

Special events

Finis Africae Country House

S.P. Sant’Angelo 155, 60019 Senigallia AN – Italy
+39 071 66 25 01
Easy to reach from the Senigallia tollgate, conveniently connected to the city and the “Spiaggia di Velluto” of Senigallia with ample parking.