Le Marche and Senigallia - Finis Africae Resort in Senigallia

Speaking of the Marche region,
the expression "at the foot of the pleasant hills" often occurs.

It may seem a repeated and banal expression, however, it’s the pure and simple truth: the Marche region consists mostly of hills that run from north to south parallel to the Apennine line and slope gently towards the sea. In fact, there is so little distance from the coast that often the beach and the hills are only a few hundred meters away.

This is the peculiarity of Marche coast where with a "look around" you can embrace a panorama that goes from the Apennines to the Adriatic sea. “Italy in one region”, as it is often said. A region that has been literally combe by hand-made plowing over the centuries. Marche region offers different and attractive scenarios, both from a naturalistic, historical and artistic point of view.

The Apennines themselves have kept secret and preserved for centuries and millennia something that is an authentic mirabilia mundi: Frasassi Caves.
Urbino boasts a historic university, one of the oldest in Europe and well worth a visit.

As well as the many and picturesque medieval villages of Mondavio, Corinaldo, Gradara, Frontino, Cingoli, to name a few. It is also possible to enjoy the sea with its high, low, gravelly, sandy coast and the natural parks of Conero, Sibillini, Gola della Rossa and Furlo Pass.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Senigallia. It has a Velvet Beach and two long promenades full of life, bars and pubs, open from morning to evening.

Each kind of person can be fascinate by the atmosphere of Senigallia: lovers of culture and history know that Senigallia was the first Roman colony on the Adriatic coast. Under the theater "La Fenice", the archaeological area is open to the public, as evidence of the ancient Roman settlement. For those who are curious and have the mentality of the historical researcher, the historical center, enlarged in different periods, is like a book to discover. Monuments of the Renaissance era, instead, are visible and accessible to all: Rocca Roveresca, Palazzetto Baviera, Palazzo Ducale. Of the Papal State, however, Senigallia offers rich testimonies ranging from the Birthplace of Pope Pius IX, now a museum, to the Ercolani Portici and to the Fòro Annonario.

Those who want to see colours and wish to have fun, are spoiled for choice between the lively city life that offers street shows throughout the summer season, open places from the aperitif hour to late at night, and that of the two promenades that are literally overflowing with youth and music.

Scheduled appointments in Senigallia are the famous and joyful Summer Jamboree, Sant'Agostino Fair which are organized throughout downtown streets, as well as the International Argentine Tango Festival, at Finis Africæ.